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New QR signposts in terrain


Metsähallitus has implemented new QR signposts on the terrain for nature sites in the Geopark area. The added information contents of the panels have been made in the Lauhanvuoriregion.fi mobile guide, and they are linked to the terrain using QR codes. The QR codes on the information boards act as links that can be read by the smartphone camera. The QR code is aimed at the camera of the smartphone, in which case the phone suggests going to the page lauhanvuoriregion.fi. By accepting the navigation, the phone opens a page in the browser with the help content related to that destination.

The QR codes in the Lauhanvuori - Hämeenkangas Geopark area have previously been utilized in the additional contents of the terrain signposts. They have been used to attach videos or aerial photographs to information boards. In the new QR signboards, all the signage content is implemented online, the signboards only have the name of the object and a short title describing it. Guidance materials include images and text. Some of the signs also contain interactive elements.

QR signboards are used to guide quieter and more remote destinations where it may not be justified to build a traditional terrain signboard. Signs have been placed, for example, at sites along the cycling routes in Lauhanvuori National Park, Kauhanevan-Pohjankangas National Park, Hämeenkangas, Iso Kaivoneva and Karhunkangas, and in the Häädetjärvi area. The destinations to be guided are Geopark destinations.

The QR signs are part of the Lauhanvuori and Seitseminen digital guidance content development project, which ended in 2020.

Photo: QR information board at Kankaanpää Isokeidas, along the Pirkan ura trail. Photo: Tero Lähteenmäki