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The Lauhanvuoriregion.fi website, which is owned by Metsähallitus and jointly maintained by Metsähallitus and Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas Geopark ry, is an open website that presents information on the services and news regarding Metsähallitus and Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas Geopark hiking areas.

Data collection

The Lauhanvuoriregion.fi website does not collect personal information about the user.

Use of cookies

The Lauhanvuoriregion.fi web service uses cookies and other equivalent technologies, such as browser local storage. Cookies are small text files used for communication between the terminal’s browser and the server. Cookies and other identifiers have a set period of validity, after which the browser removes the identifier. We use these technologies for carrying out our activities and for analytics.

If desired, the user may change their browser settings to prevent the creation of cookies or to delete the cookies saved in the browser. This may, however, inhibit the functioning of the webpages.

The data used by analytics is anonymised wherever possible. Where this is not possible, we process the data as personal data for those aspects where the identifier contains data that identifies the customer, such as an IP address. Identifiers which are in some way connected to the customer are also processed as personal data. The period of validity for identifiers used in analytics is 30 s-24 kk.


We make use of Google Analytics to analyse the use of our webpages. The data sent to Google is anonymised. Further information on data processing by Google Analytics (https://policies.google.com).

Users can block the use of identifiers used for analytics by turning on the browser’s Do Not Track function and setting the browser to reject third-party cookies.

General statistical data is collected on the use of the online service for the purpose of service development. The following statistical data is collected about the use of the service: total number of visitors and page views, number of sessions and average length of sessions, repeat visitors and first-time visitors, web address used to connect to the website, most used search words, most popular webpages, terminals used, browser versions and most common service providers. No personal data is collected about users of online services which could be used to identify individual visitors. The statistically collected data cannot be linked together. Usage monitoring is based on Google Analytics reporting, which makes use of Google Universal Analytics cookies (further information available at: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2838718?hl=en&topic=2790009).

The online service contains embedded windows on third-party online services which may install cookies onto your browser:

Embedding videos made by Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife and its partners for viewing on YouTube. Further information: http://www.google.si/policies/technologies/cookies/

Embedding hiking area map data for viewing at Retkikartta.fi. Further information: http://www.retkikartta.fi/termsofuse/terms_of_use_fi.pdf


Contact details of controller

Questions concerning the privacy policy, please contact Metsähallitus Chief Security Officer,Information Technology Infrastructure Architect Tomi Saarisilta (tomi.saarisilta(at)metsa.fi, +358 (0)20 639 4041). For general information security matters, we ask that you email us at: tietosuoja(at)metsa.fi.

This policy was drafted on 29 January 2019 / Pasi Talvitie, revised 10th March 2021 / Pasi Talvitie