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Nine towers -

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The Soiniharju viewing tower in Jämi (Hämeenkangas, Other areas)

The viewing tower of Soininharju is situated on Soininharju, a seam esker and the highest hill in Satakunta. The continuation of the glacifluvial formation of Hämeenkangas is visible to the west, and Lauhanvuori can be seen on clear days to the north. The cultural landscapes of Jämijärvi are also visible from the tower.

Did you know that?

  • Soininharju was formed between two glacial lobes. To its north was the extensive Ostrobothnian lobe, which brought a wealth of soil from the north to the ridge.
  • To the south of Soininharju there was the glacier lobe of Satakunta. The flow of ice flowed from Pori in the direction of Tampere. The stream brought rocks from the bottom of the Bothnian Sea.
  • Hämeenkangas continues more than ten kilometers west of Soininharju all the way to Kankaanpää. From there it continues as the Pohjankangas ridge towards the north.
  • Jämijärvi airfield is one of the busiest recreational airfields in Finland. The species are e.g. gliding, parachuting and skill flight.
  • The runway below is reserved for model airplanes.
  • In clear weather, you can see the gentle figure of Lauhanvuori on the horizon 50 km away. It is a remnant hill made of sandstone. Pieces of Lauhanvuori sandstone can also be found in the Soininharju gravel.
  • Jämijärvi's agricultural landscapes are concentrated on the shores of the lake, a hundred meters below the Soininharju tower.
  • The highest point of Satakunta is located at the top of Soininharju. It is 185 meters high.

Coordinates (WGS84): 61.776491, 22.722552