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Aerial photo of the village landscape

According to Swedish Crown records, the extensive landscape of mires and forests between Ylä-Satakunta and Ostrobothnia remained uninhabited backcountry until the 1630s. Karviankylä represents one of the oldest village settlements of the parish and its building stock is highly characteristic of the North Satakunta country building style. The village farms are small-scale shoreline fields sloping down to Lake Karvianjärvi.

Following the contours of Lake Karvianjärvi, an old highway is lined by homesteads, which were partitioned from former estates. The houses of Vähä-Karvia, Hiedanpää, Kannisto, Sulonen and Lähdeniemi are located in the village centre. The Lähdeniemi house, with its row of shops, long connecting structures and numerous farm buildings and parks, is an impressive and valuable homestead.

Karviankylä village is listed as a nationally significant built cultural environment.

(Photo: Arto Ala-Karvia)

Nearby attractions: Horjunkeidas

Coordinates (WGS84): 62.219040, 22.673202

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