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Photo collage: the stone age dwelling from outside and from inside

The original Stone Age residence of Myllyluoma is located in the village of Lauhala on the Honkajoki River near the border of the Kauhajoki River, on the eastern bank of the Paholuoma River, which flows into the Karvia River. The site is part of a large residential area, which includes the Perähyypä residences on the Kauhajoki side. The sites are located in a nearly 2 km long zone on a sandy forested heathland gently sloping into the river, partly in the forest, partly in the field. There is a beach terrace, on the plateau above which the place of the hut can still be seen as a low depression. There is an information board.

The shore height of the residence is 115 m above sea level. Based on the altitude, the place has been in use since the middle of the Mesolithic Stone Age around 7000 BC. The place was then located on the eastern shore of a small bay. The people who lived there were hunters, fishermen and collectors. They used pits dug in the ground to catch deer and deer and made spears, bows and harpoons to catch seals and forest animals.

The residence was discovered by Ville Luho, PhD, in 1951. He carried out an archeological excavation at the site in 1952. The excavation revealed a foothold. Its dimensions were 8 x 6 m, and it was bounded by charred pile traces, in the middle of which a stone-free stove was exposed. The objects found in the excavation were quartz strikes and slats (impact marks), e.g. scrapers, possible arrowhead, chisel, grinder, impact stone and spearhead.

A rebuilt copy of the Stone Age dwelling is located in Lauhala near the Jylli camp center. The hut has been rebuilt according to the drawings of the National Board of Antiquities.

(Photo: Terttu Hermansson)

Nearby attractions: Honkajoki church, Rynkäkeidas bog, Satamakeidas bird-watching tower in a cut-away mire of Vapo

Coordinates (WGS84): 62.10250, 22.26037

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Keywords: Honkajoki, Kulttuuri, Kulttuurikohde, Valokuva