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A moraine ridge in pine forest by a bog

The Häädetjärvi education and research forest area is located south of Häädetkeidas strict nature reserve. One of the largest De Geer -moraine fields is located in the area. These shallow ridges have formed in the late stages of the last ice age, due to glacier calving. They form a landscape resembling a washboard. The hollows of the washboard are covered with open mires and the ridges with pine forests. This creates labyrinth landscape of mires and forests. There are many locations of natural beauty in the area even though it is mostly in forestry and research use. Best De Geer -moraine examples are located in Möyhänkeidas area. 

The Häädetkeidas strict nature reserve is permanentyl closed from public and reserved only for scientific research purposes. 


Coordinates (WGS84): 61.99578, 22.73565

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Keywords: De Geer -moreeni, Virtuaaliopaste, Valokuva