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The Susivuori ("wolf mountain") is situated on the western edge of the Central Finland Granite complex. The lowlands to the west of the location consist of mica schists and gneisses and have not withstanded erosion as well as the granites. Because of this we have a local height difference up to 100 meters. The tower provides panoramic views to the neighbouring Pyhävuori hill and the coastal lowlands. You can also see the Baltic sea in the west.


Did you know that?

  • After the ice age, there was about 100 meters of water on Susivuori. The rugged upper part of the hill is heavily washed  by the waves of Lake Ancylus.
  • Pyhävuori, visible in the south, is the highest point in Ostrobothnia. Its height is 129 meters.
  • The coast of the Bothnian Sea is 15 km away. On the coast you can see the cities of Kristiinankaupunki and Kaskinen.
  • On the west side of Susivuori, the flow of the continental glacier has been strong. The bedrock of the area is also softer than on Susivuori. Therefore, the ground level is a hundred meters below it.
  • Susivuori is located on the western edge of the granite area of Central Finland. The area continues east all the way to Savo.

Nearby attractions: The Wolf Cave

Coordinates (WGS84): 62.30180, 21.66059

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