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The wild forest reindeer is part of the original fauna of Finland but it was hunted to extinction about 100 years ago. It survived in Russian Karelia and started migrating back to Eastern Finland after the WWII. In the 1980's these beatiful animals were reintroduced to the northern part of Suomenselkä watershed area and now the Metsäpeura LIFE -project managed by Metsähallitus is reintroducing them to the southern Suomenselkä, starting from the National Parks of Lauhanvuori and Seitseminen.

More information about the MetsäpeuraLIFE-project: https://www.suomenpeura.fi/

Image: Jenni Miettunen

Nearby attractions: Annelid traces in sandstone, The tor formations of Aumakalliot, Aumakivi tor corestone, The Kivijata of Huhtakorpi, Kaivolammi lake, Springtime in Peräkorpi, The southern end of Kivijata boulder field, Kivijata stone field, Kivijata then and now, The highest post-glacial shoreline, The Lauhankangas highest shoreline, Old sandstone mining pits of Korsukangas, The boulder field of Korsukankaan kivijata, Kuivajärvi - a lake that disappears, The day trip hut of Kärkikeidas, Lauhanvuori National Park promotional video, The observation tower of Lauhanvuori, Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas Geopark, The lean-to shelter of Leikkistenkangas, Signs of an earthquake long ago, Peräkorpi mires and shore formations from above, The seasonal wetland of Peräkorpi, Duckboard trail on the Peräkorpi spruce mire, Lake Spitaalijärvi, Spitaalijärvi from above

Coordinates (WGS84): 62.16422, 22.12840

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Keywords: Valokuva