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The birch forested mire is situated just by the raised bog of Huidankeidas. The site was originally a treeless lagg of a bog, but digging ditches has probably initiated the forest growth. The abundance of birch is attributed to the large forest fire of 1959, which burned 1700 hectares of forests and mires in Isojoki and Honkajoki. The sudden release of nutrients to the ground favored broad-leaved trees, even in places which usually grow only pines. Even today, there are large areas of birch-clad mires in the northern part of the Haapakeidas area.




Nearby attractions: The bird watching tower of Huidankeidas, The campfire place of Katselma, The observation tower of Katselmankallio, The wheelchair accessible trail at Mustansaarenkeidas, The observation tower of Mustansaarenkeidas, The marginal slope of Mustansaarenkeidas

Coordinates (WGS84): 61.99096, 22.04468

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