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The Kivijata stone field consists of the sandstone of Lauhanvuori. It is a remnant of the marginal cliffs of the sandstone formation, which has crumbled down and been reworked by the continental ice sheet, post-glacial seashore and earthquakes. In old times it was regarded as a remnant of a stone wall built by giants.

Did you know that?

  • The post-glacial fault of Lauhanvuori formed in an earthquake 9,000 years ago. Its height is about one meter and its length is six kilometers. On summer evenings, it can be seen as a cutting shadow of Kivijata.
  • The old story explains the birth of Kivijada like this: it is a wall built by giants. When the giants heard the church bells ringing from the river valley, they broke their walls and fled. They hid their golden treasure under the wall. It is now guarded by snakes.
  • Kivijata consists almost exclusively of Lauhanvuori sandstone. It is about 600 million years old petrified seaside sand.
  • A four-kilometer Pirunkierros trail starts at the Kivijata. About a kilometer away, a path forks to Lake Spitaalijärvi. There is a lean-to shelter along Leikkistenkangas along the damn tour.
  • There are more than a million stones in the stone sequence. Kivijata is probably a remnant of an ancient sandstone cliff that has collapsed in place and has been moved by the continental glacier and shore forces.
  • From Kivijata, the path continues downwards towards Aumakivi. In the lower slope you will no longer find sandstone, but the bedrock consists of granite.
  • There are beach embankments on the surface of Kivijata. They are shallow ridges that were formed about 9,000 years ago as a result of the work of the waves on Lake Ancylus.

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Coordinates (WGS84): 62.12642, 22.09738

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