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Aumakivi is a tor corestone. It is a piece of granitic bedrock that has been preserved after surrounding rocks have disintegrated due to weathering. The weathering process is particularly strong in hot and humid climate. Finland enjoyed such a climate just several tens of millions of years ago. The granite of Aumakivi is 1900 million years old and the formation of the tor happened some 70 to 20 million years ago. 


Did you know that?

  • The round shape of Aumakivi is explained by its origin. It was originally a cube-shaped piece in the rock. The weathering that progressed along the surrounding fissures smoothed the edges of the stone and crushed the surrounding rock away. A round stone remained.
  • Special natural formations have long been important places. According to the story, food was sacrificed to the owner of Aumakivi in ​​the early 20th century.
  • The name of the Aumakivi stone refers to its round shape, which resembles a haystack. It is a hilly heap where agricultural products were preserved in the old days.
  • Erratics are rocks that have been removed from the rock of the glacier and transported into place. Aumakivi, however, is not detached from the glacier, but is a piece of tor, that is, a residue of weathering. It is thus a rock detached from the rock by weathering, which has swung to its present location a little higher up the slope.
  • Tors are remnants of weathering. They are rock formations around which the rock has weathered away. Weathering takes place in warm climates. Tens of millions of years ago, Finland was also much warmer than it is today. The rock formations around Aumakivi are all tors.
  • Aumakivi is on state land, but is located outside Lauhanvuori National Park. The trail network connects it to Lauhanvuori attractions, such as Kivijata.

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Coordinates (WGS84): 62.11431, 22.09547

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