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Haapajärvi farm is at the same place that the former Listetsalo croft used to stand. The croft had been there in the 19th century, already, and the winter road ran across the farm as early as in the 18th century.

The present housing stock dates to 1920-50’s and in fairly poor condition, it has not a special building historical value as a whole. Since it has been inhabited for a long time, the site has a certain colonization historical significance. The Haapajärvi farm’s dry stone fences related to the fen meadows used for farming, on the contrary, are interpreted as ancient monuments from historic times. The stone fences are easily seen on the spot.  

Leppijärven tuki ry. association has cleaned up and repaired some of the buildings of the farm and cleared the garden area, as well.  The main building is fixed up as a wilderness cabin to be used for a short-time accommodation. The cabin is in free use of hikers, cross-country skiers etc.

Nearby attractions: The campfire place of Katselmankallio, The observation tower of Katselmankallio

Coordinates (WGS84): 61.98096, 21.95932

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Keywords: Kulttuuri, Kulttuurikohde, Siikainen