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A drawing showing the landscape of Iso Kaivoneva

Iso Kaivoneva is a raised bog that has formed in the upper part of the glaciofluvial Karhukangas formation. The water in the mire cannot seep into the sand and gravel layers of Karhukangas, as there is a thin layer of impermeable till in between. This so called "hill clay" covers large areas around the Lauhanvuori hill. Presence of this layer has created perched water pools is relatively high positions which has lead to development of lakes and mires in locations where they normally could not occur.



Coordinates (WGS84): 62.28968, 22.01615

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Keywords: Harju, Geokohde, Tupu Vuorinen, Piirroskuva, Kuvapari, Virtuaaliopaste