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Terms of use

General terms of use for the Lauhanvuoriregion.fi web service

Description of the web service

The Lauhanvuoriregion.fi web service (hereinafter referred to as 'Service') is produced and maintained by Metsähallitus (Business ID: 0116726-7). The Service consists of content produced, purchased or otherwise obtained by Metsähallitus, such as text, images and videos (hereinafter referred to as 'Content'). The Service is intended for use by all visitors interested in the Lauhavuori and Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Parks, Hämeenkangas training and multi-use area, and other area nature sites administered by Metsähallitus (hereinafter referred to as 'Users'). Use of the Lauhanvuoriregion.fi website (hereinafter also referred to as website) requires compliance with these terms of use.

Users shall hereby be obligated to abide by these terms of use, applicable legislation and good practices when using the Service. The Service is free of charge for users.

All information presented in the Service is intended only for information purposes and shall not be treated as legal, commercial or other advice. Metsähallitus is not liable for the applicability of information presented in the Service to the Users' needs or any outcomes resulting from any actions taken based on said information.

These terms of use shall apply to all Users of the Service.

Users of the Service shall accept these terms of use as binding whenever using the Service.

Right to use content published in the Service

The Service shall only be used for private, non-commercial purposes. Users shall refrain from using the Service or any part thereof for any other purposes without the express written consent of Metsähallitus.

Intangible rights

Materials contained in the Website and Service, such as text, graphics, names, images, figures, drawings, logos, icons, audio recordings and software are the property of Metsähallitus, its associate companies, joint ventures, licensers or other partners. All rights to the materials contained in the Website and Service are reserved, excluding any exceptions specified in these terms of use. The copying, transfer, alteration, storage, publishing and distribution of said materials is prohibited without the express written consent of Metsähallitus. The use of documents intended for publication is permitted in public communications, but the source of information must always be cited.

User rights and obligations

The Service may not be used in a region, whose laws and/or regulations prohibit use of the Service. The User is obligated to compensate the full amount of damages and costs incurred by his/her violation of or failure to comply with these terms of use.

The Service may contain materials protected by copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights. The Service is protected by copyrights under Finnish copyright legislation. The User does not have the right to disseminate, publish, copy, publicly release or commercially benefit from protected materials submitted to the Service by other Users without the express written consent of the right holder, except in special cases permitted by law.

The User may link to all the Service content pages and homepage without express consent, but the source must always be cited in such cases. Linking to individual images and videos in the Service is permitted within the constraints of the Copyright Act. The Service provider reserves the right to restrict external linking, such as for reasons involving, for example, traffic and loading.

The User shall, at its own expense, be responsible for the procurement and maintenance of hardware, software and data connections required for use of the Service as well as any costs incurred by use of the Service The User shall be responsible for ensuring the compatibility of hardware, software and data connections it uses with the Service. The User shall be aware of the fact that the online environment and web services are not entirely secure. The User shall be responsible for providing the proper data protection for its information systems.

The User is solely responsible for ensuring the accuracy and receipt of information it submits through the Service as well as that the User has unlimited rights to submit said information. The Website User shall also, taking reasonable measures, ensure that the materials submitted do not contain any malware.

Metsähallitus rights and obligations

Ownership and all other rights pertaining to the Service belong to Metsähallitus. Metsähallitus reserves the right to, at any time, change its Service or Content as well as its purpose, availability and the hardware requirements for its use. Metsähallitus reserves the right to, at any time, discontinue provision of the Service.

Use of cookies

The Service uses cookies. Cookies are small text files sent to and stored in the User's computer. Metsähallitus uses cookies to identify the User, improve the user experience and track the User's navigation in the Website. The User shall accept the use of cookies. Rejecting or deleting cookies may cause the Service or parts thereof to malfunction.

Service maintenance, indemnity and disclaimer

Metsähallitus shall make every effort to keep the information contained in its Service as fault-free and accurate as possible. Metsähallitus shall be responsible for ensuring that the information or Content is fault-free, complete and reliable. Materials contained in the Website shall be submitted for use as is. Metsähallitus reserves the right to improve and alter the Service Content and structure.

The materials used shall in no way be considered an offer or obligation binding upon Metsähallitus. Metsähallitus reserves the right to, at any time, alter said materials and the Website terms of use, availability or properties.

Metsähallitus is not responsible for ensuring the continuous availability of the Service, nor shall it guarantee that the Service will function without interruption or fault. Metsähallitus is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages incurred by the User that are caused by, for example, Content that is inaccurate, incomplete or subject to interpretation, or resulting from technical faults or maintenance work.

Metsähallitus is responsible for any Service faults, interruptions caused by maintenance or installation work or any alteration or loss of Service information or other information resulting therefrom, nor from any problems, interference or interruptions caused by a third party.

Metsähallitus is not obligated to compensate the User for any damages resulting from use of the Service.

Metsähallitus is not responsible for any direct or indirect costs, losses or damages, including loss of turnover, income or profits, interruption of operations or loss of information resulting from use of the Website, Service or materials contained therein or the interruption of use. Metsähallitus is also not responsible for any losses or damages caused by disturbances or faults in the information system or data connections or by malware, nor is it responsible for any website or materials belonging to a third party to which the Service may have a link or citation.

Materials produced by other parties

Metsähallitus is not responsible for the content or functions of other web services (nor any part thereof) which have been accessed from the Service. By accessing a linked website, the User accepts that the website is no longer under the administration of Metsähallitus and that Metsähallitus has no influence over the content of said website. Including a third-party link in the Service in no way suggests that Metsähallitus is advertising the websites or services in question.

Transfer of rights and obligations

Metsähallitus reserves the right to transfer the Service or its maintenance as well as its related responsibilities and obligations within the Metsähallitus Group.

Applicable law and resolution of disputes

Use of the Service and its terms of use are subject to Finnish law, with the exception of international conflict of law rules. Every effort shall, in the first instance, be made to resolve any disputes arising from these terms of use or related to the use of the Service specified in these terms of use through negotiations between the parties. If no resolution is reached, the dispute shall be brought before the District Court of Vantaa.

Entry into force and amendment of the terms of use

These terms of use shall enter into force on the date of their updating (shown at the bottom of the webpage) and remain in effect until further notice. Metsähallitus has the right to amend these terms of use, with the new terms of use entering into force on the date that they are published on the webs service. The User shall be notified of any amended terms of use on the Service website.

Updated 19 June 2018