Guideposts at Spitaalijärvi lake in Lauhanvuori

Guideposts at Spitaalijärvi lake in Lauhanvuori

The geological heritage of the Aspiring Geopark can be seen safely at the geological sites where you can find guideposts with information on the topic. The Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas Aspiring Geopark has 52 geological sites, most of which are natural geological formations. There are also historical and cultural sites that tell about the utilisation of the geological natural resources.

Aitoneva 884x360 PTalvitie

In Aitoneva you can get acquainted with the history of peat usage and the after-use of peat mires.

Aitonevalla pääset tutustumaan turpeenkäytön historiaan ja turvesuon jälkikäyttöön

The geological sites are located in the nature tourism area administered by Metsähallitus, which include the Lauhanvuori and Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas national parks, the Hämeenkangas exercise and multi-purpose area, the Haapakeidas wetland conservation area and Alkkianvuori, Kaidatvedet, and Aitoneva. Also included in the geological sites are Susiluola in Karijoki and Käskyvuori in Kihniö.

The geological sites are worth examining first on the pages of the virtual guide, where most of the sites are presented using 360-degree pictures, videos, and soundscapes. A map brochure of selected geosites is available for download. A pdf-map of all geosites is also available.