Geopark project


Lauhanvuori Region intends to submit application to UNESCO Global Geoparks in 2018. A large amount of actions are taking place in order to improve the area’s performance in the fields of geological, natural and cultural heritage and touristic services, to create a competent management structure and to improve the visibility of the Lauhanvuori Region as an aspiring Geopark.

To implemet all the actions we have had funding from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. The funding has been granted by local Leader groups and the ELY Centres. As well as Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland and Natural Resources Institute Finland, all the municipalities of the region, Kankaanpää, Jämijärvi, Parkano, Karvia, Honkajoki, Siikainen, Karijoki, Isojoki and Kauhajoki provide financial support for the project.

Developing Lauhanvuori Region to a Geopark area needs both investing to the tourism infrastructure and promoting the geosites and their natural and cultural heritage. 

Metsähallitus Elinkeino-, liikenne- ja ympäristökeskus Euroopan maaseuturahasto Lauhanvuoren kansallispuisto Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas kansallispuisto