Lauhanvuori Region is aspiring to become a Mire Geopark


The aspiring Geopark Lauhanvuori Region lies approximately 300 kilometers North-West of Helsinki. The area consists of landscapes formed primarily during and after the Weichselian glaciation, in the course of the last 11 000 years. Geological features vary from steep-ridged eskers to supra-aquatic moraine and formations that resulted from post-glacial land-uplift/retreating water level. Striking for Finnish conditions is the 500 million year old sandstone that is exposed on Lauhanvuori. The whole area is underlain by a partially exposed crystalline basement, with parts of it at least 1860 million years old.

Lauhanvuori Region has long-reaching history in nature preservation; the National Parks were established in 1982 and in addition, Hämeenkangas has for decades provided a recreational area for locals and visitors alike. Lauhanvuori Region receives 80 000 visitors annually.

Mustasaarenkeidas. Photo: Terttu Hermansson

The unique theme for the aspiring Geopark Lauhavuori Region is mire. The extensive mire systems can be enjoyed across the area. They are mostly in natural state or actively restored by Metsähallitus. For southern Finland, the mires provide unusually large areas of wilderness and quietness. The year-round experience at the mires is enhanced by rich bird-life. Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park is one of the Ramsar areas as well.

The Wolf Cave in Susivuori (Wolf Mountain), Karijoki, makes a startling attraction in the area. The Wolf Moutain itself is formed of 1.9 billion years old granodiorite, which typically cracks parallel to the surface and explains the formation of the Wolf Cave cavern. For the time being Wolf Cave is the only place in the world with evidence of human inhabitancy found in a place that was later covered by a continental glacier.

Considering its natural values and the motivation found within the area for further development, Lauhanvuori region makes an excellent candidate as one of Finland's unique Geoparks.

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